Our History

The Civic Canopy began in 2003 in response to the growing complexity of social problems and the clear need for individuals, nonprofits, business, and government to work together to solve these issues.

After three “Raising the Civic Canopy” events exploring ways to improve civic health by collaboration drew more than 800 people, the need to go from a volunteer network to a formal organization was clear. So in 2008, The Civic Canopy incorporated as a nonprofit.
Raising the Canopy I

The Big Idea

There is broad agreement that the problems we face (homelessness, high dropout rates, inadequate health and mental care, etc.) are so complex that no person, nonprofit, corporation, or government agency has the power to solve them alone. Unfortunately, and all too often, when we as a society come together to address these problems, our different perspectives, programs, systems, and approaches often leave us polarized and divided, adding up to less than the sum of our parts. Statewide, and on a grassroots level, The Civic Canopy provides a way for the many to work as one for the good of all.