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Ana Soler

Director of Youth Engagement/Senior Facilitator

Ana is a facilitator, trainer, and project manager as the Youth Development Director. A primary responsibility at the Civic Canopy is being lead staff for Colorado 9to25, a statewide, action oriented, high impact initiative focused on supporting youth ages 9 to 25 in Colorado. If she could meet any celebrity it would be Celia Cruz, Cuban singer and performer internationally known as the Queen of Salsa. Her biggest role model is her father, Francisco Javier Soler.

Ana has facilitated complex processes in high-conflict situations, bringing a blend of calm flexibility and a firm commitment to ensuring all voices are heard. She has spent over 20 years of service in both the nonprofit and government arenas including work with Denver Partners, Urban Peak and the Denver District Attorney’s Office Juvenile Diversion program. Additionally, Ana was the Executive Director of FrontRange Earth Force, providing training in service learning and engaging youth in service learning projects across the Denver-metro area. Ana brings a passion for facilitation, collaborative partnerships, program development and inclusivity. She is bilingual and a skilled community builder in a variety of cultures and contexts.

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Andrew Beisel

Information Systems Coordinator

Andrew provides user support, partner support, and project management to The Civic Canopy’s Community Partnership System as CPS Coordinator. This includes troubleshooting technical issues with partner agencies, conducting trainings, facilitating partner networking events, gathering input from agencies and cultivating system-wide improvement with vendors, and compiling and analyzing outcomes through geospatial and statistical techniques. His favorite childhood book is Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, and the thing he enjoys most about his job is working with an intelligent, fun and motivated team!

As a Colorado native, Andrew is passionate about working collaboratively to achieve positive change in Colorado. Inspired by the mission of The Civic Canopy, Andrew brings to the table a background of political campaign finance and operations, as well as public affairs and community relations. He completed his Bachelor’s in Political Science at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he conducted research on the factors that influence state lobbying activity.

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Bill Fulton

Founder and Executive Director

Having never let go of the belief that with a large enough dinner table, we could solve just about any problem, Bill founded The Civic Canopy as a way to create a new kind of civic infrastructure needed to reclaim communities as ecosystems designed to ensure all people thrive. He serves as the organization’s Executive Director, guiding the Canopy team and facilitating collaborative processes. Bill feels he uses the word “collaborate” so often his teammates might threaten to begin fining him for excessive use. What he likes most about his job is the fact that “…we get to take on the seemingly intractable challenges of the world in a way that builds community step by step, conversation by conversation, relationship by relationship”.

Bill is a leader in the field of collaborative process design, small and large group facilitation, and applying research from multiple fields to the practical needs of improving communities. He has successfully facilitated hundreds of processes with groups in private, public and nonprofit sectors, ranging from single day retreats to multi-year policy development initiatives. His work at The Civic Canopy blends a project-based focus on specific initiatives with oversight of the organization as a whole.

A Denver native who received his degree in history from Brown University, Bill began his career as a founding teacher at the Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning and went on to complete his MA in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado at Denver. Bill has also worked as a facilitator and coach to schools in the national Expeditionary Learning network, helping them develop strategic plans for whole-school change. He left the classroom to establish the Denver and Rocky Mountain States office for Facing History and Ourselves, an internationally acclaimed curriculum project that uses case studies from history to engage students, teachers, and communities in the process of creating a stronger civil society. He completed a doctoral program at the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology as a way to lay the philosophical and research-based background for The Civic Canopy, focusing on public dialogue, civic engagement, and social movements. Prior to the founding The Civic Canopy, Bill was a principal and founder of Civil Conversations, LLC, a consulting firm that provides facilitation and training for corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

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Donna Munip

Director of Finance and Operations

Donna is the Finance Director for The Civic Canopy and oversees the internal Accounting, Finance, and HR systems as well as supporting the multiple networks at the organization. Her biggest accomplishment is her two children and her favorite book is The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl.

Donna has over 20 years of experience in the fields of finance and operations in both private and nonprofit organizations. Her Bachelor’s degree is from Aberdeen University in Scotland and she received her Masters in Business Administration from Rutgers. She also holds a diploma in massage therapy.

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Emily Holcomb

Program Assistant

Emily Holcomb joined The Canopy in April 2016 and has been loving every day since. At Colorado State University she studied Sociology with a focus in Women’s Studies, and was heavily interested in policy and evaluation research. Through her classes, internships, and work experience she developed a passion for education and facilitation and is looking forward to growing in these areas at The Canopy as the Program Assistant. She will be helping on many projects throughout the Canopy, and deeply working with the Early Childhood Partnership. Whenever she can, Emily loves to go on road trips to explore nature, make art and laugh.

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Hanna Nichols

Early Childhood Coordinator

Hanna supports The Civic Canopy’s early childhood efforts as Early Childhood Coordinator, including the work of the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership, and other collaborative projects. The word she overuses most is “totally,” and her biggest role model is both her parents, who taught her to live boldly and to take time to discover the best in people.

Hanna carries a keen interest in approaches that promote holistic health, development and learning for children. She is a Colorado native and has lived here all her life aside from a two-year hiatus teaching and living in Budapest, Hungary. She received her teaching degree and Bachelor’s in History from the University of Colorado-Boulder and her Masters in Public Administration at the University of Colorado-Denver. Prior to joining The Civic Canopy, Hanna worked at the Colorado Children’s Campaign where she developed a passion for policy development and collaborative efforts to promote strong health and educational outcomes and opportunities for all of Colorado’s kids.

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Jodi Hardin

Chief Strategy Officer

Jodi is responsible for supporting projects and team members across the Canopy’s focus areas of early childhood, youth development, healthy communities and civic engagement. She is known for her expertise in cross-sector partnership building, policy and program development and comprehensive early childhood systems work. Her favorite quote: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Jodi has extensive experience mobilizing action and improving outcomes through collaborative processes; bringing together diverse stakeholders and perspectives into cohesive approaches and plans. She received a Masters in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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Karla Loaiza

Resident Organizing Coordinator

Karla supports The Civic Canopy’s place-based initiatives and comes with over eight years of organizing and training experience. Karla brings a deep commitment to training and supporting the leadership potential of people who often are not given the chance to exercise their power and share their gifts. A skilled interpreter, translator, and facilitator, Karla is a natural bridge-builder across the barriers of language, culture, and experience that often leave communities divided.

Prior to joining The Civic Canopy staff, Karla worked with Together Colorado as a parent leader and organizer and with Cole Arts and Science Academy as a parent organizer around education issues.

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Lyz Riley

Healthy Communities Manager

Lyz serves as Healthy Communities Manager and LiveWell Representative for The Civic Canopy, leading healthy eating and active living efforts. If she could have one super human power it would be time control (because the possibility of a do-over is too irresistible). Her favorite quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Lyz has experience with the development and effective implementation of culture-creating programs, with specific emphasis on treating all people in a unique and respectful manner. Lyz has spent time examining opportunity gaps and developing, suggesting, and applying strategies to level the playing field. As a student at Colorado Women’s College at the University of Denver, she has studied the various intersections of law and its effects on society including the intended and unintended consequences. Lyz remains passionate about strengthening communities and is committed to doing her utmost to enrich the futures of all people. She is fully devoted to individual growth and personal achievement and is adamant about social justice.

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Meghan Ables Chaney

Youth Development Coordinator

Meghan supports youth to reach their full potential as Youth Development Coordinator for The Civic Canopy. She supports efforts of Colorado 9to25, and supports and facilitates other collaborative processes for the organization.

Meghan first came to the Canopy team as an intern as part of completing her Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Denver. Prior to that, she had completed an undergraduate degree from Clemson and spent several years in the youth development field, providing training and support through outdoor leadership programs.

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Melissa Beck

Colorado Afterschool Partnership Network Manager

Melissa has a varied background: administering a federal grant serving youth in workforce education and development, providing ADA accommodations and training for students in higher education, directing group homes for adults with developmental disabilities and playing hard, working as a recreational therapist at Tennyson Center for Children.

Melissa is a trainer, educator, facilitator and motivator – helping individuals, groups and communities to connect strengths, talents and resources for the greater good. Particularly with the Colorado Afterschool Partnerships (CAP), she will be working with many to enhance afterschool programming in Colorado through advancement in policy and advocacy.

Melissa enjoys getting outside as much as possible – to run freely in the wind, smelling the pines of the trails and rejuvenating for a greater impact to change the world!

Taylor Martin


Taylor is a graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing her Masters of Social Work. She will be joining the Canopy until the end of May. She studied Social Work, Psychology and Sociology in her undergraduate studies. Through her classes and internships she became passionate about community engagement and grassroots work. She has found a joy of working around the topics of youth health and behaviors and sexual health. Her favorite thing to do outside of work is drink a good cup of coffee or tea and to read.

Yuefeng Deng


Yuefeng provides accounting expertise and administrative assistance for all of the behind-the-scenes operations for The Civic Canopy. If he could possess one super human power it would be to go back in time. His favorite quote: “We need the tonic of wildness…we can never have enough of nature.” –Henry David Thoreau

With a background in both corporate and nonprofit settings, Yuefeng maintains a strong sense of personal ethics, and is dedicated to the importance of oversight and checks and balances in the business world. He received his Bachelor’s degree in English Chengdu, China and received his Master’s in Accounting from St. Louis University. He helped to found a non-profit organization in St. Louis, MO and received a second Master’s in nonprofit management prior to moving to Colorado. He speaks fluently in both Chinese and English, and having come to the United States as an international student, and from living and working in a variety of locations internationally and domestically, Yuefeng has developed a keen insight and understanding of diversity and multicultural demographics.

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Jackie Johnson

State Coordinator, Colorado We the People Program

Jackie Johnson was the Associate Director of the Center for Education in Law and Democracy, a non-profit organization devoted to professional development for Colorado teachers of law and government for the past twelve years; she also taught middle school civics in the Cherry Creek School District for 30 years.  With the transition of CELD’s programs to The Civic Canopy in March 2015, Jackie now directs professional development and student showcase activities for the Colorado We the People and Project Citizen Programs.  She is also the state outreach coordinator for iCivics, an online civic education program developed by retired Supreme Court Justice O’Connor.  Jackie continues to manage CELD’s webpage: