Civic Network

During 2011, the Civic Network took an enormous leap forward. Thanks in large part to a series of conversations with Denver Public Schools around their challenges of coordinating the various community resources and programs that serve DPS students, DPS committed to a bold first pilot project of the Civic Network—what we are now calling the Community Partnership System (CPS). The CPS system allows individual partner organizations to complete a profile of their organization, the services they offer, the locations they are offered, and the outcomes/issues they address. In return, DPS will supply each project with outcome data on the students they serve through on-demand reports. For the first time ever, large numbers of nonprofit organizations will have the means of evaluating their impact on students in a simple, secure manner. CPS is only the first domain application of The Civic Network. Going forward we envision a number of other applications, built from this same platform, addressing a variety of critical issues in our community and neighborhoods. Projects & Stories

  • Community Partnership System: The first application of the Civic Network. The initial focus has been Afterschool opportunities in Denver, but is broadening to include other service areas and geographic areas.