Community Partnership System

The Civic Canopy, with support from the Denver Afterschool Alliance, has created an on-line database, the Community Partnership System (CPS), to support afterschool programs and organizations that provide services to Denver youth.


All youth serving organizations that participate in the CPS can create and maintain a profile about the services they provide for youth and have the opportunity to link to school district data (aggregate and student level) that can be used to inform and improve their program design.


To get started completing your profile or to join the afterschool database, visit the new profile page. If you already have a CPS profile, visit to log in.


Qualified programs that provide services during non-school hours, including before and afterschool, summer, and on holiday breaks, will also be featured in the Afterschool Program Locator, an interactive map-based website that allows the public to search for available afterschool programs based on a variety of search criteria, including age, program location, and program focus.



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