Healthy Communities

What would Northeast Denver look like if everyone could easily walk or drive to the grocery store? Northeast Denver residents are working to change the landscape of the Denver food deserts by supporting local stores.

What if every young person in Northeast Denver had a safe and productive place to spend their free time? People who live in Northeast Denver are working to update the parks and recreational centers and youth are at the forefront of the discussion.


Healthy Communities

Announcement: We’re now funding projects which increase healthy eating and active living in Northeast Denver!
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The Healthy Communities team at Civic Canopy is devoted to implementing real, place-based change in the neighborhoods of Northeast Denver. We are committed to working with community members and partners on a variety of issues in order to create a more just and civil society. By engaging the community as an interrelated ecosystem, all aspects of health are considered, including healthy food, healthy schools and workplaces, and healthy relationships.


Funded in part by LiveWell, the team provides backbone support to the SHARE Network and LiveWell community, a health action network focusing on increasing healthy eating and active living in Northeast Denver.

SHARE is an inclusive movement of individual residents, nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and schools working toward high impact, sustainable health outcomes in Northeast Denver. Collectively, this movement drives social equity leveraging the value of culture, community and lifestyle in developing a comprehensive plan to support healthy eating and active living for all community members.

SHARE works towards the stated mission by maintaining a strong infrastructure in the form of a resident-driven steering committee called the Wise Council; by building the capacity of residents to choose healthy foods and physically active lifestyles; by supporting other programs in the neighborhoods through mini grants; by maintaining a network of partner organizations that implement HEAL related programs; and by advocating and promoting relevant policy change.

We are awarding small grants to individuals, groups, and organizations who are looking to increase healthy eating and active living in the Denver neighborhoods of Five Points, Whittier, Cole, Clayton, and Skyland/North City Park. We are a network of civic minded residents, emerging leaders, drivers of organizational initiatives, and proponents of equitable and sustainable practices in the focus neighborhoods. We fund projects, programs, and events that align with our agreed upon values. In 2014, we awarded over $20,000 in grants.


You’re Invited!
Neighbors Together residents are invited to an ongoing weekly meeting Wednesdays 8:30-10:30am to discuss Healthy Eating Active Living issues and how their families and communities are affected. Neighbors participated in valuable lessons ranging from food justice to policy. Neighbors engage and deepen conversations related to the topic and encourage each other in positive changes around family and individual food options.